What is a farmers’ market?

Photo credit: Saffron Laurence-Bade

A farmers’ market is uniquely a fresh food market that operates in a publicly accessible location in the heart of a community. It provides a suitable environment for farmers and growers to sell their farm-origin produce. Our farmers’ market has the addition of value-added specialty foods and plant products which are processed from regional or local ingredients.

True farmers’ markets like ours do not have bric-a-brac, craft or artwork within their marketspace - but often will have flowers and plants for sale, as we do.

Stall Holders

Photo credit: Lottie Hedley

Our stall holders are true representatives of their product. They have either grown and produced it themselves or are an integral part of the collaborative business they represent. 

This is a major benefit for shoppers to the market who can ask questions of sellers who have farm and product knowledge.

We don’t have re-sellers or agents at our market selling on behalf of our growers or producers. This is a feature of The Clevedon Farmers’ Market that distinguishes it from other types of community markets.

What products are sold at the Farmers’ Market?

Photo credit: Saffron Laurence-Bade

Primary food produce

We have growers who sell their food without processing or manufacturing in any way other than being packaged. We aim to host stallholders who are local to Clevedon, although sometimes we will find growers willing to travel and who represent produce grown regionally.

Value - added Food

Speciality producers at our market utilise fresh ingredients and modify them through fermentation, marinating, smoking, drying and cooking processes to produce a unique value added product for you, the customer.

Speciality Food

Chutneys, sauces, desserts, cheeses and ice-creams are all products based on a primary farm origin product which is processed lovingly to produce a wonderful specialty food. Many of our stall holders are just starting out in their businesses and enjoy chatting with customers to gain feedback and the confidence to modify their product to match or gauge consumer demand. 

What will I find at the market?

Photo credit: Lottie Hedley

Each season, you will find different growers and producers appearing with their fresh crops. This means that you will always be able to shop seasonally with full knowledge of where the produce has come from and how it has been grown. Some of the specialty food vendors are constant year around and other local growers appear as their crops allow.

The locally grown produce sold at our market is at the peak of its freshness and nutritional  content. Our local growers really care about the quality of their plants, animals and crops. This means you will always be experiencing a superior taste and flavour. You will also find food at our farmers market that many supermarkets don’t stock. eg. heirloom tomatoes, fungi.


Photo credit: Lottie Hedley

We are proud to support local and regional farmers and growers and our market is a representation of wonderful NZ food offerings. Come and visit us to find out for yourself why you should be shopping at The Clevedon Farmers’ Market.